Marcus GOMAD Debie


GOMAD (Marcus Debie) was born in the city of Sittard, The Netherlands, in 1972 and still live and work there. For more than 30 years now, I have been painting around the globe, participating in uncountable projects and festivals.

My artistic passion has been fostered by the movie Beat Street and the graffiti documentary Style Wars. I have been developing an interest in the graffiti scene since the early 80’s, being one of the pioneers in the south Dutch graffiti scene. Due to these artistic experiences which I have started in those teenager years, I began my creative path. I have been seeking a personal painting language and abilities, in which the art of graffiti and murals play a central role, while dedicating time to my own academic education to be a full time muralist and painter.

Illustrations, which is the subject I got my graduation in at the Academy of Arts in Sittard, have an important impact on my work along with classic Greek art and statues, (sur)realism and cubism. Whenever I get the chance I will create work in my own personal and photorealistic style that often consists of intense eyes, hands, faces and animals in a very surrealistic and mind-bending set up. This ‘GOMAD’ style is combined with cubistic and organic shapes in some sort of a Picasso-like composition, better known as ‘post-neo-cubism’. This can be recognized in my attempt to harmonize anatomic proportion and graphic dynamics, true craftsmanship and skills.

In the most recent years, besides doing murals I have also been painting canvasses in oil paint, acrylics and spray paint in my personal and unique style, creating a stronger position for myself in the art world. Since 2012 my works are to be found in street art and contemporary art galleries throughout Europe, the US and beyond. Nowadays I paint murals and exhibit my pieces on canvas in street art galleries worldwide and travel wherever my arts bring me.



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