Wesl  is a Spanish artist based in Toledo.

He began his journey inside the world of graffiti in 1991. 

He studied Computer Engineering  at ESI (Higher School of Computing) also at ESDIP (Higher School of Professional Drawing) 

and at EOMPT (Official School of Tattoo Masters and Piercers)

After a 10 year career in computer engineering, he broke up with it, letting his passion take over the reigns. 

He let his art become his way of life.

Abstraction and realism. These are the two sides within the art of Wesl.

His particularly aesthetic language is characterized by an almost acrobatic use of color in moving 

wavy forms, volume effects and transparencies that blend together like tonality and rhythm. 

An almost hypnotic style made in its entirety with spray paint, punctually invading other stylistic aspects. 

Both in his abstract and more naturalistic works, we can appreciate a subtle point of where they come 

together, found in the way he deals with the blurred parts of his productions.

The generous use of the tones in the gradients of the colors gives his works a unique softness.

Vanguardism, technique and urban art consolidate the vision of Wesl.



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